Light Spark: Loves Divide Gabriel Requadt


Published: April 23rd 2015

Kindle Edition

244 pages


Light Spark: Loves Divide  by  Gabriel Requadt

Light Spark: Loves Divide by Gabriel Requadt
April 23rd 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 244 pages | ISBN: | 8.18 Mb

The Light Spark. The champion of the Light, and the savior of the cosmos from the vile reaches of the Darkness. But he is said to be nothing more than a myth. Until now. Welcome Larz, the young prince of Aucudia, who as fate would have it, and by the releasing of a sword of ancient and limitless powers, will find out that he has much more than royal blood flowing through his veins, for he is indeed the Light Spark, the hope of life and the very cosmos itself! With Fawkes, the soul in the sword, and his voice of reason and compassion, he will lead Larz on an adventure that spans across the cosmos.

For the Lord of Shadows, Exxion, the servant of the Darkness plots to destroy the Light Spark by whatever means. Kidnapping Larzs wife, Elluna, Exxion forces Larz into a frantic mission to save the person he loves most, no matter the cost.

Pasts made present, bonds of love broken, and new ones made eternally stronger, our heroes will learn how we are all connected in a seemingly vast vista that stretches beyond the human mind into the very soul. And Larz will find out just what it really means to be a hero, but the costs could be too much to bare.

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